A couple for a decade, and together nearly 24-7, Gaby and Raj Sundra run two businesses together and STILL enjoy a playful, peaceful, passionate relationship. Their message and methods are fun, funny and forward focused. No need to be so significant and serious or to dissect problems anymore!

Gaby helps turn impossible dreams into awesome realities. Her favorite expression is “Pigs CAN fly!” Raj’s thirst for meaningful knowledge has him known as the “Energizer Bunny of transformation”. His motto is “Let’s do this!”

Together with over 40 combined years of education, training and experience, they help couples keep the fights clean and the sex dirty and save being nasty for their sex life.

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In this podcast, Gaby & Raj Sundra will explain how successful relationships can help us to be better as entrepreneurs and vice versa. 

1. Business vs Relationships

Just like our businesses, our relationships require an intentional focus of time and energy. If you want your relationship to work you should never ignore it until there is a problem.

Powerful Relationships require from you to invest time and effort.

Follow the 4 P’s. Playful, Peaceful, Passionate and Proactive. Just as your business your relationships  need time, attention, intention and action.

All the issues that come up and you work on together will help you to be on the next level as a human being and as a couple, even as an Entrepreneur.

2. We come with a manual

You can use Personality assessments to hack your relationships. These assessments will help you to understand your relationship dynamics. When you  learn about each other this will help you to better understand and support one another. 

If you spend enough time in a relationship you will discover that nothing is automatically great. Just as you would do with your business you will need to put effort, consciousness and work into it to develop it to the desired level that you both wish to experience on an ongoing basis.

3. Love language

Everyone is different and everybody desires to give and receive love in different ways. Knowing your partner’s love language will help you to not waste time on guessing what fills your partner’s cup, instead it allows you to both find out how to better serve one another. This is the same in business.

As an Entrepreneur you must know your target audience and you must know how to best deliver value to them so you can speak in their language.

4. Embrace the differences and similarities

If your relationship sucks then there is a high level of possibility that you will feel like your life in general, sucks.

Gabby and Raj will often move towards the problem to find the solution a.k.a  “the problem is the path”.

Stop resisting the things that your partner likes to do and you don’t want to. Instead open up a discussion about it to find ways that you can improve your dynamic and to understand your differences.

Conflict can be the teacher. Finding a solution within the conflict can bring forth a greater  connection as much as arguments that are worked through can develop more trust and intimacy.

Stop pushing away or ignoring problems not only when it’s happening but instead take a proactive approach in advance.

The conscious conversation for Entrepreneurial couples should be “Let’s decide on what we want in our relationship and how we want our life to look like and feel like together. Let’s not wait for bigger problems. Embrace that the problem is the path.”

Conscious entrepreneur couples have a tool kit of self development exercises  that support them in efficiently and effectively taking the problem and turning them into the path.

Just like business at times you will need to set healthy boundaries but be open to seeing if you have been closed off from experiencing your relationship with your partner in a deeper way because of some fears within yourself that you are not willing to face.

5. Your Breakdown must also be a breakthrough

In order to have a powerful relationship as entrepreneurs you must take the things that pull you apart and shift them to bring you together. When you encounter a business problem you don’t go and search for a new business but instead you will need to ask yourself “what is this problem teaching me?” That way you can search for new ways of approaching your challenges so you can adjust your approach for better results.

They say successful people fail fast — this applies to business and to life. Face your problem and move forward.


6. We live in a box

We all have habits and beliefs. You form a box that you perform within based on what you have gone through in life. It’s your way of life. In business, you’ll face problems that will force you to go outside the box and examine your self beliefs and habits from the past. When you do this take note that you can never create anything new if you keep reverting to your old ways and old information.

The way you view possibility and opportunity for growth in your business can also be applied to your relationships.


7. Stay in your lane

Just like business a powerful relationship is discovered in knowing your roles Embracing the challenges and helping each other to find a powerful balance.

Understand each other’s strength and weaknesses and zone of genius. 


8. Choose wisely

There’s no perfect relationship. You must listen to your body just like inbusiness. Your gut will tell you despite the arguments and differences — you’ll know.

Life can be tough to walk it alone yet a crappy relationship is worse than none at all and a wonderful one is so worth it. Know your partners and be patient, don’t rush it.


9. Room for Improvement

In any situation in relationships and business, make sure to rate your  experience and share it with one another to open up an honest and constructive discussion. Share comments and suggestions with one another so you can both improve in the relationship.

Try to reflect and re-assess fights, arguments and sex.Don’t give up too early.Refinements here and there can make a dramatic difference and good relationships can be great when you both commit to putting in the work and not just walking away. 


Gaby & Raj Sundra are offering a free eBook for my listeners. Check it out: 

Website: https://relationshipfunandgames.com/success/ 



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