Dr. John Gray – How To Stay Focused & Productive In A Hyper World

International Best Selling Author & Relationship Expert Dr. John Gray shares his advice for staying focused in a hyper active world. He breaks down why we become so distracted and what nutrition we need in our body to increase our brains performance, focus and clarity.

Matt Riemann – The Science Of Success

Matt Riemann holds a masters in applied human sciences and epigenetic’s. He has founded 7 businesses in health and medicine and has a passion studying the science of human peak performance. I talk with Matt Riemann about the science of Success to find out how we can achieve peak performance to reach success.

Chris Harder – The Millionaire Who Read A Book A Day For 30 Days

Professional Network Marketer, Millionaire & Entrepreneur “Chris Harder” committed to reading a book a day for 30 days straight. Joel Brown from Addicted2Success decided to interview Chris to find out what he discovered throughout his intense reading sessions from the month of March.

Eli Wilhide – How To Achieve Peak Performance

Joel Brown interviews Peak Performance coach “Eli Wilhide” who at one point, was awarded by Tony Robbins as the Top Performing coach in Tony’s company when he worked for him. Eli shares his advice on how you can achieve peak performance in any area of your life.