Dr. Bill Dorfman – How The Act Of Giving Back Can Transform Your Life & Business

Dr. Bill Dorfman is the Featured Dentist on ABC’s hit show Extreme Makeover and the CBS Emmy Awarded show The Doctors.

Dr. Bill also founded one of the most successful dental companies in the world – Discus Dental which manufactured and sold the world’s leading tooth whitening products including Nite White, Zoom and Brite Smile. Dr. Bill is also a NY Times best selling author and has been honored with 14 Life Time Achievement awards.

Dr. Bill is a firm believer that HE WHO GIVES RECEIVES THE GREATEST GIFT. Through out the 20 year growth of Discus Dental there were several occasions when Dr. Bill had every intention of just trying to give back and his altruistic efforts resulted substantial monetary gain to he and his company.

Dr. Bill Dorfman shares how the act of giving can absolutely transform your life and business.


Published by Joel Brown

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