Melissa Ambrosini

Australian Life Coach, Author and Speaker Melissa Ambrosini shares her advice on how we can turn down our negative self talk and amplify the positives in our lives so we can stay on a lighter path to success.

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In this podcast, Melissa Ambrosini explains why ego keeps us from great things and why self love is the key to true happiness and success.

1. Handling your “Mean Girl and Bad Boy” side

Your fear based and egoistic side is the main reason why you are not living the life you want and deserve. You let it control you and manipulate you. This is the side of you that keeps on saying that “You’re not good enough”. 

You will need to put this side on mute and get them in the back seat. You need to take control. According to Melissa here are steps you can do to master your Mean Girl/Bad Boy side.

Awareness – You need to know exactly what your ego is telling you. You have to be clear on what it’s trying to say, so that you will know what you are missing when you let it get the best of you. You can’t unknow what you already know.

Gently close the door – Once you know what your ego is telling you, you listen but you don’t let it rule you. Use it as a compass to go back to your true path. Invite it in and then say “Thank you but no thank you”

Choose Love – Re-frame whatever your ego is dictating to you. Analyze the truth of it. Look closely to the things you have and can have if only you will not let your ego stop you.

Believe in yourself and eventually everything will land back in your heart and don’t let it plant the seed of doubt again.

2. Compassion is understanding others 

You know for a fact that we are all different and we must not hold it against each other why we think, act or feel differently. We are set to different programs. There will be times where you will be required to step into the other’s shoes to understand them more.

You should not let your differences get in the way in getting along with others. You will need to step in to see and feel and then step out. Successful relationships are bursting with love, affection and compassion. Don’t miss the opportunity to go deep with others by closing yourself off to knowing it all already.

3. Self love is the ultimate foundation

When you listen to your egoistic side too often there is a higher chance that fear will sneak in and overwhelm you.

When you do this you make people’s opinion about you your main priority.

When you do this you put up a show so that they will accept and like you even if what you are showing is not the real you and in the process you become fake.

The key is in you becoming confident and feeling love for yourself in your own skin. This becomes easier for you to naturally lean into when you  focus on becoming the very best version of yourself. 

Know this: You do not need others approval. You need to live a life that you think and feel is right for you. You need to embrace the fact that you may be different but it’s what makes you true and authentic that stands you apart and brings value into this world. Remember self love is different from being selfish.

Melissa Ambrosini

4. Life is a blessing

Life is a God given gift. It’s a big playground for you to explore and enjoy.  

You didn’t come here to struggle or to suffer. You came to grow and evolve and experience life to the fullest.

To enjoy life you must see your potential through and experience the beauty in the things and people around you.

Your life is your choice. It’s an opportunity to choose from your heart and that is an amazing thing to know.

5. Be whole

As often told, you can not give what you don’t have. You can’t expect people or relationships to fill in a half filled YOU. That is something you will have to do on your own.

Before you can love or give fully — you need to be whole and complete. It is not something given or taught instead it’s within you. What you put in is what you get back. 

6. Light Up

Life itself is tough. So, we need to make things brighter and lighter as often as possible.

Melissa shared a good way to cheer you up when you feel down by challenging you to listen to what makes you feel happy and light.

Make sure to do at least one of these every day if you wish to start living a lighter and more fulfilling life.

Learn to appreciate the little things and enjoy every second of laughter, tears, joy and more.

Spend time with people you love and care about but never forget to have “ME” time so you can give more of what you are best at for this world. 

Melissa Ambrosini

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