Peta Kelly - Earth Is Hiring

Peta Kelly is a Mum to her beautiful daughter Sol and wife to the biggest heart ever on legs, Erik.

Peta is an Australian born world traveller who authored a book called “Earth Is Hiring“.

She is a raw and real writer, speaker and creative entrepreneur who has created an amazing brand called The Earthess Co. Learn more at Peta’s website or follow her on Instagram.

She is also a well known Millennial transformational leader that loves showing the world that they can live an unconventional life.

You can listen to the full podcast episode with Peta Kelly below:


In this podcast, Peta Kelly talks about how she turned her life into the one she’s always wanted as she started to embrace possibilities. And now, helping her audience to live in their truth and to commit to visions that are meaningful in this world.

1. Practice Gratitude

Be thankful about the small and big things around you. Start your day with a “Thank you” and end it with the same grateful heart. Being grateful is being appreciative of the things you have, will have and don’t have.

Always aim to feel full and free.

2. Being a leader is a privilege

To be an effective leader you will need to work on yourself first. You need to live the teachings that you impart and share. Be open to expand to truth, possibilities, vulnerabilities and more.

To be able to grow is the most incredible privilege of human beings. It’s a never ending journey.

Being a leader is a privilege to grow and share yourself.

3. Accepting possibilities 

One of the biggest struggles to success is when we don’t fully accept that possibilities are limitless. It can be that good. This applies not only in network marketing or entrepreneurship but even personal relationships.

You need to work on your goals truthfully and not just want it. You need to believe in it and work hard to make it happen.

Be one with your goals.

4. Network Marketing is a platform for a lot of things

It is an opportunity to reach out to your community and be a part of it. If done right and with integrity, it can be a platform of excellency and all the worries of your life. It’s one of the most available options for business models now but it’s one of the coolest, fun, and most promising of them all (if you do the work).

It will not only help you with residual income but it will also help you to live a simple yet very successful life.

5. Money is an extension of your intentions

Money comes as a result of passion and not what should keep you motivated and excited everyday. Your purpose and knowing you can share with your community should be one of your main drivers. 

But of course, knowing that you get to work and start projects without worrying about money is a big relief. When you’re financially free you function from passion.

6. Feel good about working

To work hard is okay and highly advisable but you need to feel good about it while you’re doing it too. When you are happy about what you’re working on or how you work then positivity, creativity and productivity will be the results.

We can’t prioritize “doing” over “enjoying”. If you put enjoying as your priority it will lead to efficiency, effectiveness and wanting to do more. If you’re doing is your passion then you should be enjoying even if you are working 16 hours or more.

Be kind to yourself towards work. 

7. You get to choose

Everything you have and will have are the results of your choices in life. You get to choose how you feel, what you want and what you think. There may be things that we don’t understand but mostly your past, present and future are products of what you prioritized and what you allow to come in and embrace.

You are in control. You are the driver of your own life by using your thoughts, feelings and actions. It may be confronting for some but it is definitely empowering.

8. Right goal setting

Everybody sets their goals. Most of the time they are not mindful and conscious that they are setting BIG goals to have plans to look forward to but they are just plain thought goals.

Here is something to think about: Instead, set SHOULD and SPECIFIC goals that are connected to you. If you are not aligned with your goals, you will not achieve them.

Your goals need to be true to you.

Peta Kelly

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