Joel Brown’s 2 Day Transformational Online Branding and Marketing Workshop

This is a 2 Day workshop with Joel Brown the Founder of Joel will teach you everything he has learned from building a business and brand online that has impacted over 100 Million people worldwide.

Joel will answer your online business building, branding and marketing questions and help you craft a customized game plan to take your online business to the next level.


Everything You Need to Know About Achieving Success Online So That You Can Reach Millions With Your Message

* You will be learning firsthand from someone who has had massive success when it comes to building an online community in the millions with no investor and no board members.

* You will walk away with a strategy specially designed just for you to ensure you are ready for a high level of success with your brand and online business.

* You will have access to Joel and a level of commitment that he has never offered to the public before.

* You will learn how to make money with your gifts/brand/offering/message with a solid plan on how to build your stream instead of just walking away with knowledge that stays in your head.

* You will learn every aspect of Joel’s online business and brand. He is pulling back the curtain to show you how to build a brand that impacts millions worldwide.

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What the Thought Leaders are saying about Joel Brown


“Joel Brown is the real deal! He’s who the inspirers go to when we want clarity on our business. If you’re looking to upgrade your online presence, scale your business, or just learn how to influence from an authentic heart centered place, Joel is your man.” – Preston Smiles (Author of Love Louder and Personal Freedom Messenger)


“Joel has come along way from his days in the desert of Western Australia, his belief and courage to follow his dreams inspires all who hear his message. He is a light house of hope for the younger generation by showing that when we follow our heart and stay committed to our long term vision it can send an inspiring ripple throughout the world.” – John Assaraf (Mindset Coach, Star of the Hit Movie “The Secret”, Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author)

“If you want to make an influence, if you want to make a difference, if you want to be known you’re not going to get millions of people to know about you without figuring out the online game.

Joel Brown is a great friend, a great businessman and he has got this online game figured out. Check him out!” – Grant Cardone (7X Best Selling Author, Speaker & Multi- Millionaire Entrepreneur)

Get your tickets in less than 60 seconds and begin your journey of online success today.

Your Investment for Joining The Millions Online Workshop

Get your tickets in less than 60 seconds and begin your journey of online success today.


  • Joel has achieved over 120 Million Views Worldwide Views with (The #1 Motivation Website)
  • He was offered Multiple Million Dollar Offers for his website and turned them all down to continue to grow his company
  • Joel has more than 2.5 Million Social Media Followers across all social media channels
  • He has sold over 10,000 copies of his Self Published Book “The Formula – The Secret Ingredients of Online Success”

  • Joel is featured in 4 new Documentary films set to release in 2017:
  • * RiseUP with The Dalai Lama, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Dwight Howard, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Lisa Nichols, Alanis Morissette and more…
  • * Think & Grow Rich with Bob Proctor, Grant Cardone, Lewis Howes, Barbara Corcoran, Darren Hardy and more…
  • * The Death of Recess with Carol Dweck, Alex Morton, Jake Paul and many more…
  • * Age of The Entrepreneur with Jessica Alba, Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos, T. Harv Eker, Kevin Harrington and many more…

  • Joel and his team won the SUCCESS Magazine “2015 BlogStar Awards” as the #1 Self Development Blog
  • He has featured multiple times in Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur magazine for his business advice and achievements
  • Joel has achieved over 1.3 Million plays and downloads on his Addicted2Success Podcast and has interviewed people such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tai Lopez, Gabby Bernstein, Simon Sinek, John Assaraf, Robin Sharma and many more…
  • Joel has spoken on many stages around the world alongside Grant Cardone, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos, James Altutcher, JJ Virgin, Pat Flynn, Adam Braun and more
  • Joel has created Multiple Six Figure online courses and mastermind groups and loves showing others how they can build successful online businesses too

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Date: Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th MAY 2017

Time: 9am – 5pm

Location: Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia

Date: Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st MAY 2017

Time: 9am – 5pm

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Date: Saturday 3rd – Sunday 4th JUNE 2017

Time: 9am – 5pm

Location: Perth, WA, Australia

Date: Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th JUNE 2017

Time: 9am – 5pm

Get your tickets in less than 60 seconds and begin your journey of online success today.

Only 2% of online entrepreneurs make over $100,000 a year. What if you could learn from someone whose online brand is worth ten times that?

Who Should Attend The Millions Online Workshop?

✔ Anyone who would like to learn how to build a business that is ranked in the top 1% online

✔ Content creators who want to generate multiple streams of income because they are sick of working a 9-5 day job.

✔ Anyone who is ready to build a business with as much freedom as possible so you can work from anywhere and wake up with no annoying alarm clocks anymore

✔ Already established Online influencers who want to learn how to maximize their income, exposure and impact with their following and offerings

✔ Business owners who need to learn the best strategies for Social Media so they can accelerate their business growth online

✔ Anyone who would love to learn how to connect with, interview and cross promote with legends in their industry

 Experts in any industry that need more traffic, more views and more sales

✔ Anyone who has been sitting on the fence with an idea for way too long because they need a strategy and guidance one where to start online

✔ Anyone who is looking to discover their purpose and gifts to share with the world

✔ Aspiring leaders who would love to learn how to craft an epic message for millions worldwide

✔ Business professionals who would love to save more time, money and energy online by learning new techniques that will shorten their curve in marketing their brand

✔ Anyone who would like to learn from someone who actually lives the freedom lifestyle and has built a million dollar online business with millions of views and millions of followers

✔ Anyone who needs a strategy and game plan to know what to focus on to achieve the best results possible in this noisy online world

✔ Anyone who needs a strong leader who is heart centred and has an ability to help you dial in on your greatness

✔ Anyone who is looking at holding successful events, retreats and masterminds

Get your tickets in less than 60 seconds and begin your journey of online success today.

The techniques, strategies and guidance Joel Brown provides you with during this workshop will continue to deliver results for you after you have completed this 2 Day Workshop. Joel believes in the results he is able to achieve with each of his workshop attendees and is certain about the Millions Online event and it’s body of lessons that we have built in a money back guarantee.* should you feel that this workshop doesn’t live up to the standards of what we say we can deliver to you over the 2 days.

So if you are ready to learn how to build a brand that inspires millions worldwide online then don’t delay any longer. Book your seat now for this event.

Joel Brown’s 2 day Millions Online workshop is one of the best life-investments you can make for you and your business and you can be certain that you will be so grateful that you did.

*Your money back guarantee (which we know you won’t need to use): All you need to do is come up to Joel Brown at the end of the workshop and advise him that it did not live up to your expectations and he will fully refund you within 7 days.